Scope of the CONFERENCE

This international conference aims to evaluate the impact of climate change on mountain species including analyses of montane systems globally and at scales ranging from communities to the gene. The conference will be held at the University of Cuenca, in the city of Cuenca –a World Cultural Heritage Site, in southern Ecuador.


We expect to bring together topics on climate including past and future changes, palaeoecology, ancient and modern DNA, vegetation modeling, agent-based modeling and initiatives for the conservation of mountain tree species. The overall aim is to share ideas and initiatives for species conservation.


The conference will consist of five symposia which will focus on 1) past and future climate changes; 2) the potential role of microrefugia in preserving threatened species; 3) the genetic adaptation of species to past environmental changes using both modern and ancient DNA; 4) model simulations of future potential habitats for threatened species; and, 5) Practical scenarios for mountain forest conservation.